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Ice Bagger - Model D Bag Dispenser Option

Loaded with a wire wicket of bags, the Mannhardt Model D Bagger blows a bag open and holds it. Operator then presses foot pedal, fills and runs bag through tape sealer. This option fits any size Mannhardt dispenser.

Critical when ice in bags is essential. Can run as quickly as 100# per minute to make quick and efficient work out of what could be a daunting task.

  1. Fits any bag in 5-15 lb. range
  2. Can be customized to handle up to 50 lb. bags
  3. Speedier wicket change
  4. Reduces bag filling time/operator fatigue

 Image of Model D Bag Dispenser Option
Model D Bag Dispenser Option
  Image of Tape Sealer Option
Tape Sealer Option
* May be purchased with any dispenser
* Mounts next to dispensing spout
* Can be used with most types of film
* Seals in one continuous movement
* Takes most pressure-sensitive tapes
* Makes "flag" tape seal
* Fast, economical way to seal bags
* Operator fills bag, twists top and runs through tape sealer track.
* Single strip of 1/2" to 3/4" tape seals bag.
Bag Trimmer is included to remove excess bag material, if desired.
Dimensions: 11 3/4"L X 6 1/2"D X 2 1/"H